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The Reed Gallagher Photography Senior Rep Team for 2020 was definitely off to an unusual start in March! Applications were submitted, the team selected, and sixteen senior rep team gift boxes were delivered. Our first team meet and greet was planned for April. We were all so excited. Then entered Covid-19.


Senior Session Socially Distanced

You could say we all went stir crazy during the months following the onset of Covid-19. So many restrictions put in by the government, the only choice was to delay our first photo session. The team kept in touch via social media. Everyone became fast friends during this time. We all knew that one day we would eventually meet up.

Rainy Day at Houston Park

In time, life slowly began to return to its new normal. The Reed Gallagher Photography 2020 Senior Rep Team was prepared to meet in later that summer. Not uncommon in Houston, the weather was not our friend. Our shoot was rained out. But we did not give up!

Sunny day for Senior Session at a Houston Park

Fast forward one more week into summer, just before schools were announcing if they would reopen for the Fall, our team came together for a fun senior portrait session. You could say the theme was Six Feet Apart. The girls were photographed individually and in small groups if they had already been hanging out together over the summer. Everyone was all smiles! We just felt so fortunate to be outside enjoying meeting each other, even if it was socially distanced.

Senior Session Outfits

It was really great to see all the girl’s personalities shine through. Each dressed in an outfit that reflected who they are. Making them feel comfortable in front of my camera was a breeze. They were all naturals!

While this awesome senior class of 2021 was definitely off to a different start, I know they will all have a successful school year. I am so excited to be along for the ride as I capture special senior moments for them throughout the year!






Senior Session | Houston Park | Senior Rep Team


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