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Senior Photographer

for the driven

The Senior Style Guide Canva  Template


The Senior Rep
Team  Toolkit 


30 Instagram Captions for Senior Photographers


The ultimate client education resource...designed for you! This includes all the copy & text you need.

The complete toolkit for launching & running a successful senior rep team.

30 high-value Instagram captions strategically crafted for senior photographers!




Senior Rep  Team Sales Page  Template


A Showit sales page template to launch your next senior rep team! 


The Simplified Content System

Learn how to identify your key content pillars that drive profit into your business for a simplified approach to successful marketing

COming Soon

COming Soon

The Senior Shopping Guide Template


This will walk seniors through outfits tips, what to wear, and where to shop. All the copy is written for you - just add your name and photos!



"Reed has carefully thought out every detail and the flow to his system is immaculate!"

The Successful Senior Photographer Bundle

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Want to see serious growth in your senior photography business? We're bundling our 4 signature shop products together for over $100 off when you buy them all together! This bundle is for photographers who are ready to transform their marketing, up-level their sales, and explode their business growth,

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Reed is an amazing teacher and it felt like he was speaking directly to me. I now have the tools to know exactly where to begin.

- Brynlin Grace

Reed helps you start attracting your ideal clients and not be stressed out anymore. Reed has provided the resources for you, the templates, the confidence, and has truly poured his heart into it all.

- Courtney Bosworth

Reed has carefully thought out every detail and the flow to his system is immaculate!

- Gerri Anna

I now have the confidence to create the brand that I want to market to my ideal, high-end clients.

- Kristen Peake

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When I was 15, I made my mark in the photography industry and started my business. I built my photography business in high school working countless hours between homework assignments & tennis matches to turn my passion into a successful & recognized brand.

When I decided to jump into the industry, I knew I needed to fast-track my growth & stand out in an oversaturated market. I NEEDED to break into the industry fast and in such a way that built my credibility as a photographer. 

I did this through 3 main ways: Creating a senior rep team, strategically using social media, and creating a client experience by educating my clients. And that's what you will find tools for in the RGP Shop.

I'm combining what I've learned from growing & scaling my own photography business with what I've learned in my PR degree to create a unique strategy that helps you find success.

The RGP Shop is small but mighty... each product is crafted with strategy and intention. Designed to help photographers grow quickly, these products are built with purpose, efficiency, and effectiveness.  

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