The Senior Rep
Team Toolkit

The most comprehensive toolkit to help senior photographers strategically launch & run a senior rep team in no time!

Go from nervous & overwhelmed to confidently launching & running a successful Senior Rep Team.



Senior Rep  Teams Are  The Key  To A Booked Out Senior Photography Business

But so far it hasn’t been easy. You’ve been struggling to figure out how to market, get the right seniors, and what to say for all the emails & posts that go into launching a successful senior rep team.

You’re dreaming of what having an engaged senior rep team could do for your business. But you’re not quite exactly what to do to make it happen. You’re tired of attracting seniors that aren’t ready to pay full price and that aren't playing their part of being on the team. 

And you’ve tried or thought about putting together a senior rep program in the past that…..well, just didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. 

Ready for a change?

In a Market revolving around Gen-Z:

The one-stop-shop for successfully launching, running, and managing a senior rep team without wasting hours wondering how to put it all together.




"The Senior Rep Team Toolkit is absolutely amazing! I have had a senior rep team for 3 years, but as I am walking into a new season of starting a new team in a new city, this toolkit has been EVERYTHING! I was able to quickly and efficiently create all the items I needed to kick off a brand new senior rep team. I am such a checklist, lay it all out for me kind of girl and this toolkit has been extremely helpful. I mean, Reed did not hold back on anything. From email templates to graphic templates, and an exact timeline of the year to get it all done, it is amazing! If you have been thinking about starting a senior rep team, but don't know where to start, this is the place! 110% recommend!"


here's the scoop:

I combined what I've learned from my 5 senior rep team programs together to give you a complete toolkit to confidently launch and run a successful senior rep team that has everyone raving!

Inside, you will learn my strategy for successfully launching a senior rep team with every resource you need to make it happen! The toolkit also includes email templates, launch workflows, and done-for-you content to make your senior rep team a breeze.

I'm handing over my playbook to you - the same one that helped me build my own rep team of 25 seniors!

Get ready to launch your team with an A-Z blueprint of the steps that take the guesswork out of running your first or next senior rep team. 

You’ll get my foolproof plan including a senior rep team program outline with a step-by-step launch workflow. 

Master the art of marketing your senior rep team launch - no staring at a blinking cursor required. You’ll have everything you need with pre-written Instagram posts, your potential applicant DM template, and Instagram story Canva templates

Here's What You'll Get Inside the Senior Rep Team Toolkit:

Complete Launch Strategy

Done-For-You Launch Content

Feature #1

Feature #2

Wondering what to include in your rep teams welcome box? I’ve got you covered! No more scouring the internet for the right boxes + gifts needed.

I’m sharing exactly what I gift to my accepted seniors and my welcome box letter template with you as well! 

Welcome Box Content


Start bringing in applications & kicking off communication the senior rep team application template + 5 email templates for seniors and parents.

Application & Email Content


this toolkit's got it all

Want to host a Meet & Greet for your senior rep team but not exactly sure how to make it happen? I have you covered with my exact meet & greet agenda + a training video on the best approaches to make hosting a breeze.

Meet & Greet Agenda


Everything You Need To Successfully Plan, Launch, & Run Your Senior Rep Team

A-Z Blueprint:
  • Overall Senior Rep Team Program Timeline
  • Step-by-step Launch Workflow 
  • Meet & Greet Agenda 

Done-For-You Marketing:
  • 5 Instagram Post Caption Templates
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates

Application Templates:
  • Potential Applicant DM Template
  • Rep Team Application Template

Senior & Parent Emails:
  • Senior Acceptance Email Template
  • Parent Follow Up Email Template
  • & 3 other helpful templates!

Welcome Box Content:
  • Welcome Gift & Box Product Links
  • Welcome Box Letter Template

Complete with TEMPLATES: 

  • Booking out your senior calendar with a sought after senior rep team program
  • Confidently plan & execute your senior rep team launch
  • Build a strong network of referrals that automatically markets your business
  • A portfolio full of on-brand images that reflect your dream style
  • Grow your photography income & build a business you’re proud of

When you implement resources in the toolkit, you’ll walk away with massive results like:

How good does all of this sound?



The Senior Rep  Team  Toolkit will help you easily and confidently run, launch, and manage a successful senior rep team.

It’s not just a quick-fix, it’s the COMPLETE system you need to create a senior rep team that makes you the talk of the town year after year.

If you’re ready for a successful senior rep team that markets for you, then this is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for.

It’s your time to confidently claim your corner of the senior photography market. 


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