How to Craft an Instagram Bio that Converts



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Crafting an Instagram bio that converts shouldn’t take all day. 

I know it can be a daunting task to write about yourself, especially when you have a limit of 150 characters. And, is it just me, or is it easier said than done when someone says tell me about yourself?

With that being said, I’ve mastered the formula to crafting a well-structured Instagram bio. And, by well-structured, I mean one that is fun, personalized, informative, and converts. An Instagram bio should ultimately convert new people viewing your profile into followers and existing followers into clients.

Below is my Instagram bio which I’ll be referencing throughout sharing my formula to an Instagram bio that converts.


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Number One: Share who you are and what you do

Me? I’m a Houston Wedding Photographer. 

What about you? Are you a Wellness Coach, TN-Based Newborn Photographer, Online Biz Coach for Creatives? 

Don’t over complicate this first step. Tell me who you are and what you do.


Pro Tip: List who you are on the name section of your Instagram profile. You have a limit of 30 characters.


Number Two: Tell me who you serve

Me? I serve two audiences. Joyful and elegant brides +  fun and chic seniors

What about you? Are you a wellness coach serving people who seek an overall healthier life? Are you a TN-based newborn photographer serving mamas-to-be and growing families? Are you an online biz coach serving creatives who seek financial freedom by working from home?

Identify who you serve and mention this in your bio.


Number Three: Tell me your connection point

A connection point should help you relate to your target audience and does not pertain to what you do. Your connection point is also where you can showcase your personality. 

My connection point? I’m obsessed with queso.

What is your connection point? Are you obsessed with Chick-fil-A? Do you sing Christmas songs all year round? Are you a Cowboys fan? Do you love plants?

Narrow in on one-two connection points that you can include within your bio.


Number Four: Call to Action

I cannot stress the importance of call to actions. A call to action can make or break your Instagram profile.

Right now, my call to action is simply Say hello! with an arrow emoji pointing to a link to my webpage. I change this up a lot depending on what is currently happening over on my Instagram! If I’m launching applications for my senior rep team, it might say “Apply to be a 2021 Senior Rep!” or if I’m opening up my mini sessions it could say “Now booking Fall minis!”

The link that I take readers to is a landing page on the backend of my website. It allows them to, of course, contact me but it also has additional links that I feel they might be interested in. Because once readers are on my website, my goal is now to convert them into clients. 

There are countless options when it comes to curating call to action. Here are a few that I’ve seen…


  • Grab my FREE Ebook below
  • Join the Mastermind Group
  • Browse the online shop
  • Visit the new website
  • View the Fall catalog


Number Five: Put it All Together

Now, that you’ve done steps 1-4 it’s time to put all the items together in 150 characters or less. 


Pro Tip: Remember Instagram counts spaces as part of your character counts.


Here are examples on how your bio might read…


Wellness Coach

Oil-obsessed wellness coach serving families who seek simple action steps for healthier living in a noisy and busy world. Learn more… (provide link to website)

TN-Based Newborn Photographer

Just a loving + Green Bay Packers fan who captures mamas-to-be and growing families, freezing sweet memories for a moment. Read my blog.. (provide link to blog)

Online Biz Coach for Creatives

Online business coach helping creative entrepreneurs who want financial freedom by working from home. Always a fan of green tea & sunshine. Grab my free ebook…


That’s a wrap!

You now have my formula to crafting an Instagram bio that converts. Want me to read your bio before you post it? Send it my way and I’ll give you my feedback!



How to Craft an Instagram Bio that Converts


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