5 Ways You Can Create a Rememberable Experience



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Let’s talk about how to create a rememberable experience! Do you have a client that you worked with what feels like centuries ago, yet they still sing your praises and tag you on all the recommendation social media posts? 

These are my ideal clients and I’m going to share today how to get clients to continue to rave about your photography biz even long after their client shoot! I’m breaking down 5 of my favorite ways to get your clients to continually share, rave, and talk about you & your business! It’s all about how you create a rememberable experience.

Be True to You

First and foremost, be yourself! It’s okay to not be everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. If you stay true to yourself and your personality, your ideal clients will find you. (Of course, you’ll still need to put in some leg work, but that’s a different topic for another day.)



Communicate and then, communicate some more. I’ve found that when a client books me for a wedding they expect to hear from me during the process. One, it gives them peace of mind that I haven’t forgotten about them and two, it shows that I’m interested in more than just taking their money.

You can communicate by following them on social media and liking and commenting on their posts. You can communicate by sending them a checklist of photographs they’d like you to capture. You can communicate by just sending an email saying Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. 

Whatever feels right to you, just make sure you always over communicate with your clients! You want to make sure you are always showing up for them. 


Over Deliver and Exceed Expectations

Let’s say a client gallery usually takes you a month to deliver… tell them it’ll take two months and then deliver prior to their original due date. I promise this goes a long way with clients! Plus, if you do happen to need a little extra time you have it buffered in. 

If you say you’ll deliver 20 images, deliver 25-30! I promise the extra time it takes to edit those 5-10 images will pay off in the long haul when it comes to exceeding expectations. 


Send a Gift 

I give multiple gifts to my clients throughout our entire experience! I have a client welcome gift box that I give to every client who books filled with a few small items. This is a great way to make a first impression after booking. 

Also! After your client’s session or wedding, you can send an actual print to their home address. It’s happy mail that they’ll treasure forever! 


Treat Each Client as a Friend

Yes, they are a client and you have a contract with them. But have conversations with them like you would a friend at y’all’s favorite coffee shop. Being personable (and going back to being true to you) makes a longer lasting impression than delivering beautiful photos!


So there you have it! 5 ways you can create a rememberable experience that has your clients raving about you!


Tell me, how do you nurture client relationships and keep clients talking about you (in a good way, of course!) long after your client session is over? Do you do any of these 5 things to create a rememberable experience!?


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5 Ways You Can Create a Rememberable Experience


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