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Let’s talk about how to write engaging Instagram captions! Do you find yourself twiddling your thumbs while trying to craft an instagram caption? I’ve been there. Not only do you want your caption to engage your readers, but you want them to interact with your caption. So how do you accomplish this? 


With my three must-have elements, I’m breaking down Instagram captions for you. I’ll take the guesswork out of the equation so you can be on the road to better Instagram captions in no time at all!


1) Hook

A hook is one-two sentences that grabs your readers attention. It’s what makes them want to stop their scroll and hit read more.

Examples of a hook are:  “Can I share a secret with you?” or  “I’ve never shared this before, but today that’s changing…”

You can also use the hook of your caption to call out your target audience. 

Since I photograph both weddings and seniors, if there is a post that I want to direct towards couples I could make my hook something like… Calling all engaged couples – this post is for YOU!


Pro Tip: Did you know that Instagram only previews the first two lines of your Instagram caption as people scroll through their feeds? This is why it’s so important to have a hook that grabs your readers attention really quick!


As you’re browsing Instagram, take the time to see what hooks cause you to stop your scroll and hit that read more button.


2) Body

The next part of your caption is the body. This is where you’ll share the meat of your content.

Compare the body of your caption to the main course of a meal. You want to fill readers up with knowledge and value about what you’re sharing with them. The body of your caption should make your readers feel something, teach them something, or inform them of something (i.e. course launches, Black Friday specials, etc.)

For example, if I used the hook Calling all engaged couples – this post is for YOU! I now need to share WHY this post is specifically for them within the body of my caption.

Is it because I have only a limited number of bookings left for the year? Is it because I’m offering a discount? Is it because I have advice for them when it comes to their wedding day? Whatever it is, it needs to be shared within the body of the caption.

3) Call to Action

The last piece to your Instagram caption is a call to action. Simply put, tell readers what you want them to do now that they’ve read your post.

Do you want them to comment? Do you want them to contact you or follow the link in your bio? Tell readers what to do next.

It’s so disheartening when I read well-thought captions only to come to the conclusion of the post and notice the post doesn’t provide a call to action. You lose countless potential clients by not including this simple step.

For my example post, Calling all engaged couples – this post is for YOU!, my call to action could  be one of the following…


  • To learn more, follow the link in bio and say hello! 
  • Tell me in the comments what’s the best advice you’ve received.
  • Limited weekends available –  Book a consultation call today!


Remember that your call to action needs to support the body of your caption.


Here’s a Quick Recap…


  1. Hook – grab your reader’s attention with one-two sentences
  2. Body – share the content
  3. Call to Action – tell readers what to do based on what they just read


Want to really master Instagram captions? Share your next Instagram caption with me and I’ll tell you if I can easily identify your hook, body and call to action.

If you need more help with your how to write engaging Instagram captions, you can download my FREE guide, 14 Days of Instagram Captions, that is full of free caption templates for you to use. Download it here!



How To Write Engaging Instagram Captions


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