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Say goodbye to feeling clueless on your next steps because you’re about to access a proven roadmap that shows you how to book four-figure senior session on repeat within the next 90 days.

It’s finally your turn to start booking high paying senior sessions & confidently become an in-demand senior photographer.

real talk:

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of creating a profitable and booked out senior photography business.

But, you still find yourself struggling to attract clients who see your services as a luxury experience. Instead, you keep getting emails from people who are looking to just check ‘senior portraits’ off their to-do list (if you're getting inquiries at all). You’re dreaming of what having a profitable, in-demand business could look like, but you’re not quite sure how to make it happen.

Just imagine how it will feel when everything clicks and you finally have a calendar full of dream clients!

  • Making Instagram Reels every week & hoping one of them will bring you a new inquiry
  • Downloading every freebie you can find that promises you how to book out your client roster
  • Trying to market towards Gen-Z and find clarity in your message, but still missing the mark

Here’s what you might not know, those tactics haven’t worked because you’re jumping from strategy to strategy, instead of staying CONSISTENT with one proven roadmap.

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into different strategies like:

And while I can’t automatically book your business out for you, I can share an easier way for you to grow your client base so you can achieve that full calendar.

All you need is...

A blueprint to fast-track your business growth.

There’s a way to have the business that you’re dreaming of, even though it feels like everything you’ve tried so far has kept you stuck and wondering if you can *actually* fill up your calendar and make more $$$. Instead of trying to do it all by yourself and getting stuck along the way, you need a proven plan that will help you build a successful senior photography business with all the right resources & tools to make it happen! 

Think about how good it would feel to never wonder where your next senior inquiry is coming from again!

Say goodbye to...

✔ Feeling confused on how to land clients who will actually pay you what you’re worth
✔ Wondering if you’ll be able to find clarity in your offer and bring in leads
✔ Overwhelm when it comes to marketing your services and showing the true value you provide

Instead, you’ll create a booming business that makes seniors line up to hire you.

Creating a booked out senior photography business with high-paying clients has been lingering over you for SO long, but taking action feels so hard especially when you’ve already tried so many things that just haven’t given you the results you’re looking for.

But that’s about to change.

(Yes, even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything)

Creating an in-demand senior photography business just became a whole lot easier with Booked Out Senior Photographer.

A 12-week program to help senior photographers just like you book 4-figure clients and consistently fill your calendar.

Booked Out Senior Photographer

Allow me to introduce…

  • The first step to a thriving senior photography business is establishing your brand foundations! We'll walk through exactly how to craft brand messaging that attracts the kind of seniors you want to work with. You'll find clarity in your messaging + offer(s) and feel fully confident when it comes to connecting with Gen-Z.

  • Once your foundations are mapped out, we'll cover pricing and walkthrough the different options when it comes to your prices. You'll be able to choose from a variety of methods and find what works best for YOU. We will also break down our packages to show how we make $1k+ per senior session (without IPS).

Establishing Brand Foundations

Phase one

  • Learn how to stand out and create a client experience that has your seniors raving about you to all their friends! 

  • Create workflows and systems that help you run your business efficiently and effectively. You'll learn our method for crafting an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

  • Master the strategy of creating content that *actually* attracts seniors who want to hire you.

Client Experience + Content Creation

Phase two

  • Get ready to say "hello!" to an inbox full of inquiries with our signature lead generation strategy.

  • Easily create a lead generation machine with our custom fill-in-the-blank templates.

  • Set up automations that bring in new leads on autopilot! We'll walk through step-by-step trainings so you know exactly how to make becoming booked out your reality.

Lead Generation

Phase three

  • Now that you've completed the foundation for a successful senior photography business, let's scale even more with a senior rep team!

  • Inside the Bonus Phase, we'll walk you through the entire process for creating, launching, and running a senior rep team that positions you as the "go-to" photographer in your city.

  • We are breaking down my every step from start to finish, plus giving you every drag & drop (or copy & paste) template you need.

Senior Rep Teams


  • All the resources & templates you need to take action quickly with the signature RGP Template Library. Customize each template to your brand and voice in no time. Here's to checking another "to-do" off your list without spending hours Googling!

  • Get access to emails, workflows, lead magnets, social media graphics, swipe copy, and more.

RGP Template Library


- Kristen Peake

"I now have the confidence to create the brand that I want to market to my ideal, high-end clients."

Kristen Said:

- Kelsey M.

"I mean, Reed did not hold back on anything. From email templates to graphic templates, and an exact timeline of the year to get it all done, it is amazing!"

Kelsey Said:

Take A Peek Inside The Template Library...

Never go a day without support! You'll have one-on-one access to Reed & the group via a private Slack channel. Think of this like having a business coach in your ear every single day!

Daily Support + Feedback

Every other week we'll have group coaching calls to strategize how to move your business forward. Bi-weekly coaching means you'll never have to guess what the next step is.

Coaching Calls

A proven roadmap that will help you build a successful senior photography business with a booked-out calendar. You’ll get an easy to follow 3-phase process to become a thriving senior photographer.

The RGP Senior Strategy

This Program is Focused on Getting You Results in 3 Core Ways

APply to join

Booked Out Senior Photographer is designed to show you how to fill up your calendar with 4-figure clients in the next 90 days.

- Courtney B.

"Reed helps you start attracting your ideal clients and not be stressed out anymore. Reed has provided the resources for you, the templates, the confidence, and has truly poured his heart into it all."

- Gerri Anna

"Reed has carefully thought out every detail and the flow to his system is immaculate!"

let's get started

All the drag-and-drop + done-for-you resources and templates you need to scale your business.

Exclusive Template Library

A private Slack community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and have your content reviewed as you go through the program.

Private Community & Weekly Reviews

Group coaching calls to connect, ask questions, strategize, and further learn how to move your business forward.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Step-by-step roadmap to building a thriving senior photography business with a booked out calendar.

The RGP Senior Strategy

Get all of this inside the
12-week coaching program:

Ready to start booking out your Senior photography business?

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you!

Knowing how to increase your bookings & fill your inbox with inquiries. 

Have a higher closing rate (with clients who truly want to work with you).

Finally feel “filled in” on the “secret” to booking out your business.

Generate even more income & confidently raise your prices (without in-person sales).

Becoming the in-demand senior photographer in your city.

You’re going to walk away with massive results like:

When you implement everything inside Booked Out Senior Photographer

It’s intentionally different from anything you’ve seen before because I want to help you achieve a thriving senior photographer business more strategically. 

Booked Out Senior Photographer is your ticket to change your business forever.

When I started my photography business in high school, I didn't imagine it would turn into a highly sought-after senior photography team. Today, I run Reed Gallagher Photography in Houston, where we photograph senior portraits & run a senior rep team program. And when I'm not doing that I'm using what I've learned in my PR degree + digital marketing experience to help empower other photographers. I’ve created a strategy to consistently book high-paying senior clients and I want to help make that a reality for YOU!

Hi, I’m Reed, I’ve been a senior photographer since I was 15 years old. 

Why learn from me?


You can confidently grow a thriving & profitable senior photography business
without all the headaches you think it'll take to get there.

Let’s take you out of hustle mode and instead help you grow your senior photography business with ease

Keep chugging along feeling like you can’t figure out a market strategy that really connects with seniors (AKA Gen-Z) & books out your calendar.

You can get a little uncomfortable and push past doubt to become an in-demand senior photographer with the business you’ve dreamed of for years!

You can either:


How it works:

Use the link on this page to submit your online application! We will personally review it within 24 hours and get in touch with you. We want to make sure Booked Out Senior Photographer is the perfect program for you & your goals

If we think we are the perfect fit, you'll receive a DM from us on Instagram! Be on the lookout for a message from @reedgallagherphoto so we can chat.

2: Let's Chat

Once you are accepted in Booked Out Senior Photographer, it's go time! You'll get immediate access to all the trainings, templates, resources, private community and bi-wekely coaching calls.

3: It's Go Time!

1: Apply Now

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You are not ready to do the work

You are looking for a quick fix

You can’t commit to following
a proven roadmap

You already consistently book
out your calendar with 4-figure
senior sessions

This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You are overwhelmed by trying to grow
your senior photography business.

You want more inquiries + bookings
to fill up your calendar.

You are tired of trying to market your
business without seeing results.

You are ready for $1k+ senior
sessions on repeat.

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

-Brylin G.

"Reed is an amazing teacher and it felt like he was speaking directly to me."

- Meghan H.

"Without hesitation, Reed pulls back the curtain and shows you what it actually SHOULD look like."

I'm ready. Let's go!

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Common Qs and As:

Have a couple of questions before you Apply? 

There are 10 total spots for Booked Out Senior Photographer. Capping the program at this number allows us to all connect with each other & for Reed to offer the highest level of support to every member.

How many photographers are you accepting?

The program will start on December 12, 2023! This will be the official “kickoff” of our 12 weeks together inside Booked Out Senior Photographer.

When does the program start?

I want to make sure this program is right for YOU! I know this is a large investment, and I want to make sure this program is the perfect fit to scale your senior photography business. Booked Out Senior Photographer is also a group coaching program and it is really important to me that every member of the group is committed to connecting & growing together!

Why do I have to apply to join?

The program consists of group coaching calls every other week, making the total of 6 calls. In addition to these, you’ll be added to a private Slack channel where you can get access to Reed + the group of photographers instantly. Think of this like having a business coach in your ear every single day! Inside the Slack channel you’ll also get weekly reviews for personalized feedback as you make your way through the program.

How much access do I have to you?

Here's what other photographers I've coached are saying:

Is it worth it?

i'm all in.

If you’re ready for a successful & booked out senior photography business, then this is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for. You know you’re meant for more, and this is your opportunity to prove it to yourself.

It’s time to claim your desires and start putting them into action because if not now, when?

Booked Out Senior Photographer is here for you if you want to grow a thriving senior photography business.

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